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Join the Global Community in the Fight Against White-Collar Crimes and Corruption in Organisations


Our mission is to facilitate optimal business practices in companies, organizations, and business agencies to foster values of trustworthiness, dependability, efficiency, and help companies develop pragmatic approaches to identifying pitfalls in organizational operations, recommend strategic compliance solutions to dysfunction-workforce, and inculcate rule-based oriented culture that alleviates the challenges that confront top management and executive leaders in achieving corporate objectives.


Becoming a national and continental provider of business solutions, and a strategic compliance machinery that facilitate better ethical business practices in corporations that promote the virtues of dependability, accountability, and productivity for the shared good of humanity.

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Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield is a shared interest group of companies aiming to promote the cultivation and adoption of an anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture at the workplace. In essence, our primary objective is the facilitation of a new dimension in the fight against white-collar crime and corruption in business establishments in the continent of Africa. We help Corporate Business Leadership uncover and prevent white-collar crime through the creation of an anti-fraud and anti-corruption enabling work environment.

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Workplace Integrity Surveillance & Reporting System

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Increase predictability and long term project without much hindrance


Upcoming Event

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Afro Red-Flag White-Collar Protective Shield Limited (NG), in collaboration with Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation (USA) and Uniworld Professional Training Academy (USA) is delighted to announce our fourth Annual Free Conference.

Date: September 3rd and 10th, 2022

Duration: 4 hours each day

Space is limited, so register now!




CECFI 2022-2024 Expedited Membership, Certification and Validation is available for qualified candidates only. 

For further information on CECFI 2022-2024 membership, visit our webpage: 



Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers


International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals