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AfroRedFlag Mentorship Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Global Community in the Fight Against White-Collar Crimes and Corruption in Organisations

Welcome to the AFRO REDFLAG Mentorship Programme

Sponsored by AfroRedFlag White-Collar Protective Shield Limited



Workplace Integrity and Social Responsibility Promotion


  • Our goal is to work in a strategic alliance with business communities, and public agency to seek a standard solution to promote the Youth Mentorship Programme for Self Reliance. We are committed to providing multifaceted methods of tackling day-to-day business challenges in various organizations worldwide through mentorship programmes and providing specialized technical Professional Validation and Career Enhancement Training based on the needs of the group, organization, and institution. 


  • Our network of experts are worldwide, and we are experts in providing core Human Capital Development, Professional Development (Technical Services), Educational Enhancement Services (Training & Coaching), and Management Consulting for strategic planning in large and small scale business development.


  • Over the years, we have carefully assessed the ongoing trend of challenges facing the youths in the developing nation, which is mostly associated with gross unemployment, poverty, inability acquire competing skills, low level of education, shortage of industries in the area, limited resources, shortage of opportunities, and lack of orientation, and others. Based on this assumption, our mentorship program is design work in collaboration with bureaucratic organizations and governmental agencies to promote annual professional mentor training Program for Self Reliance.


  • The mentorship program provides strategic planning and increases technical knowledge among participants. We empower youths through our customized training, coaching, and mentoring that will create a pathway for empowerment self-reliance, promoting ethical business practice and a greater sense of social responsibility after the completion of the various milestone, and prepare them for work-ready that helps to achieve job experience, and create related job opportunity.

  • We are committed to professional development and looking forwards for new University graduates to attain professional proficiency, the establishment of cooperative small business for self-reliance 



AfroRedFlag Mentorship Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AfroRedFlag Youths Mentorship Programme?


We believe that youths are the future of any nation and the sustainability of any business organization.  The most crucial objective of the  Afro Red-flag Youth Mentorship Programme is to raise a dependable workforce by promoting Self Reliance and inculcating values that highly esteem compliance to rule-based cultural orientation. We educate participants the relevance of establishing good governance,  and the importance of work ethics, honesty, and self-discipline to overcome the peer pressure of personal aggrandizement than corporate gains to add value to their companies and to rebrand their countries image worldwide. We help to teach our shared expertise knowledge, which is a step to Youths Empowerment to sustain Professional Efficiency, integrity and Ethical Work Ethics in Africa.


Furthermore, based on experience, we adopt the assumption that preventing white-collar crimes in organizations is more relaxed than fighting the crime. Besides, most anti-fraud experts agreed that changing a long time practice, a culture of fraud and corruption, requires grass-root orientation. We are committed to teach, coach, educate and grant youths enormous opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge beyond theoretical knowledge.

The programme is gear to the formulation of working experience and skills to change the paradigm of the fight against white-collar crime and corruption, which are mostly committed by highly sophisticated individuals in organizations.  AfroRedFlag is building bridges to the future in tackling the long-standing problem of fraud and corruption among various countries in Africa.

What are the requirements, duration, and who are the Stakeholders?

RedFlag Youths Mentorship is a one-year pilot programme for the ages of 22 -28 only and required a minimum of a Bachelor Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) from accredited Higher Institution of learning in various countries, or Higher and work experience is not required. The programme is deemed as collaboration, which is managed and directed by stakeholders of the Afroredflag and supported by other goodwill organizations and agencies in the promotion of Youths Empowerment for Self-Reliance and Dependable Ethical Workforce in various countries in Africa.


RedFlag Youths Mentorship Programme is deemed a firsthand experience to develop comprehensive leadership skills for deterrence and detection and provide enduring initiatives to foster solutions to the day-to-day challenges in Business organizations in their various countries. RedFlag Youths Mentorship Constitute Advisory Council and Certified Independent Management Consultants, and Top Management who are mostly seasoned professionals, scholar-practitioner and diverse fields of studies and occupation. They are highly committed to rebrand corporate image and preparing  youths for the future in the continent of Africa.


What are Expectations of the RedFlag Youths Mentorship Programmme?

Achievable objectives of this programme include:

  • Coaching, teaching, and training to provide compressive knowledge and skills to our Mentees

  • Development of Skills in making a well-inform decisions in business or agencies

  • Acquiring firsthand experience in deterrence and detection of fraud and corruption in organizations

  • Knowledge and skills in discovery, analyzing and reporting

  • Evidence -based Research Methods to facilitate change

  • Knowledgeable of the applicable laws, regulations, and policies 

  • Engage in practical experience as Management Trainees, participate in   preliminary decision making, observation and report writing

  •  Confliction Management and Team Building

  • High-tech knowledge in Forensic investigation in various fields, Computer and Open source Intelligence gathering

  • Workplace integrity examination and recommendation  

  • Organizational Behavioral assessment

  • Technically in enforcing compliance rule in Organizations

  • Strategic methods to compel change in organization

  • Creation of ethical Workforce and Change Management 

  • How to management dishonest employees in the workplace

  • Understanding the concept of Fraud, ethical business practice and how to provide solutions in society

  • Strategy in managing Business Operation, and business risk Assessment in a deprave work climate

  • The development of an effective leaders and how to manage crisis

  • Understanding the rudiment why leaders and business failed or Succeeded

  • Overall mission is to empower youths the skills and knowledge that will add value to themselves, family and society is our goal

  • Participant are deemed as representative of the AfroRedflag Programme in their Countries of domicile.

  • others

Does AfroRedFlag Youths Mentorship Programme accept Candidate from other African Countries Besides Nigeria?


Yes, currently the pilot programme begins in Nigeria. We are using Nigeria as the benchmark because of her great diversity. The success of this programme is a success for other countries in Africa and based on this Afro RedFlag Youths Mentorship Programme is not restrained to Nigeria only. We grant the same opportunity to all other candidates in the continent of  Africa but must meet the requirements. However, we expect participants of this programme to ensure compliance with laws relating to travelling or others

The  ARFPS Mentorship Programme allows anti-fraud professionals and seasoned trainers to work with our shortlisted candidates to enable them to achieve an enormous wealth of resources, experiences, advice and guidance to achieve professional proficiency that prepares them for success in the business world.

Mentorship Programme FAQ


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