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  • Afro Reflag White-collar Protective Shield HCB  programs is structured to strengthen business leaders, and the stakeholders of companies  to expand their expertise knowledge as a proactive step to respond to the rapid change in the paradigm of doing business globally

  • HCB  Facilitators are scholar practitioners committed to coaching, educating, and teaching professionals, government agent, leaders, and business managers on various aspects of Forensic Investigations & strategic Management with the goal of promoting Evidence–Based Approach of Human Capacity Building  & adding value to the excellence of forensic investigations in handling real problems to foster organizational efficiency and leadership success.

  • The HCB  Intercontinental  Strategic Alliance  Group connects you with experts, resources and information to help  business leaders to  stay competitive in a fast space revolving industry  and bureaucratic organizations.


We are committed to quality improvement in promoting effective organizational leadership and forensic investigations  skills, which aimed to make an hedge for the combat  against  white-collar crimes and corporate corruption. 

We provide customized trainings based on the need of our clients, which include

  • Conducting seminars and training programs for fraud prevention and deterrence, legal element of fraud and white collar investigation techniques and others


Benefit to participating companies

  • Participating companies enjoys grossly discounted participation fee, including in house trying for top management of companies for free


  • We work in collaboration with various universities, institutions and  professional organization  to provide annual training to promote effective organizational leadership and forensic investigations  skills, which aimed to make an hedge for the combat white-collar crimes and corporate corruption.

  • Participant are granted privilege  of receiving professional validation, certification, and discounted  fee from participating  organizations, institution, and universities.

  • Our  clients proudly  join the global community in the promotion  of the Excellence of Forensic Investigation for the  Fight against White-Collar Crimes and Corruption

  • Continue career growth and stay  relevant in your profession or organization with us.



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Marina, Lagos , Nigeria

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