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Prof. Mannixs E. Paul, Ph.D


Our goal is to work in a strategic alliance with business communities, and public agencies to seek to standardize solutions to maintain Better Business Solutions, " BBS" Against Workforce Dishonesty and to restrain the inclination of fraud and corruption by promoting the values of transparency, reliability, efficiency, integrity and personal accountability. We are a mission-oriented organization with disruptive innovation-driven to help both large and small business organizations and agencies to achieve corporate goals, save cost and time to maximize human capital building, and  to reclaim the public level of confidence in organizations, increase their share market value and achieve sustainability with fewer resources at ease among companies predominately across the continent of Africa.

Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Programme is a shared interest group of companies aiming to promote the cultivation and adoption of an anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture at the workplace. In essence, our primary objective is the facilitation of a new dimension in the fight against white-collar crime and corruption in business establishments in the continent of Africa. We believe that youths are the future of any nation and Afro Red-flag Youth Mentorship Program is geared towards raising a  dependable workforce by promoting Self Reliance among African Youths by inculcating our shared expertise knowledge, which is a step to Youths Empowerment to sustain Professional Efficiency, integrity and Ethical Work Ethics in Africa.


We are global Integrated team of multidiscipline  professionals  that are committed to help Corporate Business Leadership uncover and prevent white-collar crime and misconduct through the creation of an anti-fraud and anti-corruption enabling work environment. We provide our disruption- innovation in modern times that is pragmatic and multifaceted methods of tackling day-to-day business challenges in various organizations in the continent of African. We are also offering specialized Technical Professional Validation, Independent Business Intelligence Management Tool for Entrepreneurs and Executive Directors, and Founders of Organizations and Companies, Organizational Integrity and Efficiency Assessment and Ratings, and Career Enhancement Training based on the needs of the group, organization, or institution.


Prof. Mannixs Paul is an Associate Professor at the Campus School of Business and Technology, University of Phoenix, the President of Uniworld Corporate Investigations and Security Specialists LLC, " New York State Licensed Private Investigator" and the Global Chairman of Chartered Examiners of Criminology and Forensic Investigation Inc, USA. Prof. Paul is also the Continental Director of International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigations Professionals, North America and a member of the Global Faculty of IICFIP. He is also a Council Member of Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership, USA. He is the founder of the United Compliance and Risk Management Consult, and Uniworld Academy of Criminology and Forensic Studies Limited. Besides, Prof. Paul is the Chief Technical Director of the International Strategic Alliance for Professional Development Programs for Niger Delta University Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation and Criminal Intelligence Management and Fraud Investigation \IICFIP and CECFI Certification Programs in promoting professionals skills for the fight against white-collar crime and corruption worldwide. 


Prof. Paul is a Scholar Practitioner, a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management with a concentration in General Business in the United States of America. He is also a graduate of honor in Master of Public Administration with specialty in Law and Management, USA, and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA, and a holder of National Diploma in Law, and he is committed to organizational development for quality improvement and organizational behavioral change management. He was awarded Academic Excellence in Public Administration, Long Island University, New York, Excellence Award, SEOCS Student Feedback, University of Phoenix, Fellowship Award “FCFIP”, International Institution of Forensic Investigations Professional, USA, and Fellowship Award, “FNAMA”, The Nigeria Academy of Management and Administration, Fellowship Award, ” FCIML” Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership, USA and Fellowship Awards, " FCFIA" Chartered Institute of Forensic and Investigative Auditors of Nigeria and  "FFAR" Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers.


He is a Professional Management Consultant, Certified Facilitator in the higher institutions of learning, and Certified Forensic Investigational Professionals that is committed to the promotion of due diligence and implementation of change in organizations. He is the proponent of the Afro Red-Flag White-Collar Protective Shield, “pragmatic fraud preventive innovation for the continent of Africa. He is an Expert Researcher in Organizational Behavioral Development (OBD) and Strategic Implementation, Policy and Regulation Enforcement, Development of Public Policy and Law,  and Good Governance. He is an Independent Licensed Private Investigative Practitioner, Business Intelligence Analyst, Certified Security Guard Instructor\Trainer (Public Safety), Notary Public (Certified), Certified Forensic Investigations Professional, (CFIP), and Certified Forensic Investigation and Higher Institution of Learning Facilitator, and a seasoned Trainer and Coach in solving organizational problems.


Prof. Paul has over 25 years of work experience in various corporate and public agencies, which include U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security – (Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement), NYS Office of Attorney General – (Consumer Fraud Prevention Unit), The City of New York – (Fraud and Employee Discipline Investigations), New York Police Department “NYPD” (A\Police Officer), Financial Industry – Insurance, and Risk Management – Consulting Firms. Other related job experiences include compliance enforcement, internal investigations, fraud investigation, case management, team support for legal proceedings, Academic Journal (Peer Reviewer), and relative newspapers publications in fraud and corruption issues. Prof. Paul has also acquired various trainings, including FCPA and Anti- Corruption: A Strategic Approach, Compliance, Risk, Regulation & Investigation, Open Source Intelligence , Executive Protection, Investigative Auditing Techniques & Strategies, Accounting and Audits –Conducting Internal Investigation, and Cyber threats: The Gateway to Fraud, ACFE, USA. Other trainings include Interviewing & Interrogating Techniques – John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Security and Investigations Training, Private Investigation Training and Certification, Basic Police Training, and Counter-Terrorism Awareness Training (NYPD), and Basic Peace Officer Training – NYS Division of Municipal Police Training Council. Prof. Paul is an associate member for American Society of Industrial Security, and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, USA. 



P.O. Box 8876
Marina, Lagos , Nigeria

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