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Workplace Integrity Surveillance & Reporting System

Afro Redflag White-Collar Protective Shield Limited

Summary Sheet for Afro Red-Flag White-Collar  Protective Shield Program


Summary Sheet for the benefits of the proposed Nationwide Afro Red-Flag White-Collar

Protective Shield Program, “ARWPSP”

The driven force of business enterprise is profit making and the “Afro Red-Flag Protective Shield Program support companies and agencies to a bridge the gap between loss and gain by minimizing the risk of insiders' crime that is prevalent in society today for the benefit of companies or agencies in several methods, which include:

  • Amplify Anti fraud Awareness in organizations

  • Modification of stakeholders behavior

  • Quick transformation of employees conduct and perception toward deception

  • Increase predictability and long term project without much hindrance 

  • Development of committed workforce

  • Increase sense of accountability, and responsibility in organization

  • Improvement of corporate ethical culture

  • Enhancement of Anti-Corrupt  and Anti-Fraud enabling workplace

  • Disruption of inherent fraudulent and corrupt practices

  • Identify fraudulent patterns and ID Perpetrators

  • Classic anti-fraud and anti-corruption initiatives  for leadership

  • Inculcate whistle-blowing culture at ease  

  • Benchmark for employee's personal responsibility and accountability

  •  Rebranding and Restoration Credibility                                                                   

  • Data management and information sharing

  • Reinforces moral immunity against amoral, societal depravity and peer pressure

  • Closing the invisible gaps, motive and fraud opportunities

  • Minimizing the magnitude of risk relating to white-collar crime in companies

  • Gateway to psych workers to foster ethical behavioral conduct

  • Increase employees loyalty in organizations that circumvent unlawful activities

  • Increase customer confidence

  • Promotes virtue of reliability, accountability, and productivity

  • Maximizing profits margin, and stability for employees

  • Enable management for well-informed decisions without prejudice

  • Enforcing  company rules and regulations with no strain

  • Improvement of grass-root  support of company rules and regulations that increase conformity for best business practice for the benefit of all stakeholders of the company

  • Increase sense of accountability, and responsibility in organization

  • Achieve success with minimal supervision due to inherent  employees allegiance, patriotism or loyalty to an organization

  • Providing better relationship between labor, investors and leadership

  • Independent third  party reporting system for companies and institutions and performance evaluations of organizations, institution, and agencies for participating organizations



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